About Hope Has A Voice

The mission of Hope Has A Voice is to encourage, uplift, and help others.

Hope Has a Voice exists to:

1. Present a message that reminds others just how unlimited God is.

2. Create a platform that makes it possible for others to be transparent about real life issues.

3. Offer prayer, support, encouragement, and resources within the web community.

Hope Has a Voice believes:

In the transforming power of an all-knowing, all-mighty God.

That brokenness can be a blessing and the groundwork for God-work.

That only God can reach our innermost parts and heal us from the inside out.

That each person has the right to be creative, open, and honest in response to the Creator.

That people need the encouragement of other people.

That God is with us on our journey and He will not turn back until His plans are accomplished.

That words are powerful and can be the the catalyst for great encouragement.

That God can free anyone from anything.