Anna Lebaron – The Polygamist’s Daughter EP5

This week, we get to hear from the incredibly wise Anna Lebaron.  Anna is an entrepreneur and the Author of “The Polygamist’s Daughter.”  She has been featured on BBC News; The Dr. Oz Show; Christianity Today; and dozens of podcasts.

While you may have heard Anna talk about The polygamist cult that she was born into and her miraculous exit, but we are going to be talking about some pieces of her story you might not be as familiar with. But, in the end, this interview takes a very purposeful turn toward surrogate parenting, highlighting the ways that God provided other people and opportunities for Anna to get the things that she never could have received from her family of origin. I found it incredibly interesting, and think it will be a great encouragement for many of us. No matter your background, Anna’s story will move you to pursue health and healing despite what you have dealt with in your own life.


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The Polygamist’s Daughter

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The Gift of Imperfection

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