Emily Thomas – Host of The Struggling Well Project Podcast – “If it’s not good, it’s not done.”

Emily Thomas is a riot!  She is funny, flat-out honest, completely relatable, and the host of a wildly successful podcast called the The Struggling Well Project Podcast.  In this conversation, Emily covers some of the details that led her into a super-quick decision to get engaged after knowing a man for only one day.  She recounts the subtle abuse that led her to feel hostage and the sweet way God met her as she escaped.

Emily believes that perfection is nonsense and the peace is only a perspective away.  She is funny and deep, and I think you are going to want to follow her and look out for her upcoming online course for moms and women.


What we chat about:

Emily’s relatable personality

170 plus episodes of the Struggling Well Project Podcast

My first request when I started my podcast

Why Emily started a podcast

A bit about Emily’s family

Her children’s interesting interests

Growing up in a single-parent home

Personalizing your parent’s problems

Her love of getting things done and following a timeline

Marrying a stranger after being engaged for 1 day

How she met him and why she thought he was the one for her

His ability to be what she wanted

The subtle abuse…not being able to go out, to use the cell phone, or open her own mail

The portioning of food and the reprogramming that occurred in less than 4 months

What might have targeted her to be the type of person that he would capture

Not understanding her worth and her worth to a man

When she began to come up with a plan to leave

His lies and destruction of items

What her church told her when she sought help

His threats to kill himself and the intensity of the conversations they had

How she managed to get her passport and keep it with her until she had a chance to go

How she escaped with her bible, the base of her home phone, her passport, and the key to the Starbucks that she worked at

The provision of a train and a plane and the lovely lady that bumper her up to first class

How God reassured her that she was doing the right thing by escaping an abusive relationship

The gift of hard….how our backgrounds prepare us to sense what others in the same situation might be going through

Proof that God is constant and that He is going to make sure that we get to the right place

Parenting imperfectly and parenting out of trauma

The move to therapeutic parenting through counseling

Making peace with medication and the Christian church

Being ok with being in process

Not wanting our trauma to bleed over to our children

Committing to moving forward in our healing so that our children will seek help in their future

What led her to want to adopt and why they chose adoption

Getting through the baby part and all the sacrifices that go with it

The jealousy that Emily must have felt when I told her about my getaway

The recommendation that my counselor made for me

How getting away changes your perspective and your attitude

How God has used specific experiences to make Emily who she is today

The benefits of friendship, being in community, a great church, and a great spouse

How God chooses to mark our lives with his love

A new project:  the launch of an online course for women and moms

Helping women discover how to value themselves and take inventory of their strengths and weaknesses

Our natural bent toward redemption and the reason we keep seeking a way to make it right

Emily’s final encouragement about conquering guilt and shame

God is a God who does a complete restoration

“If it’s not good yet, it is not done.”

God has a way to use our trial so just stick with it, God will redeem it.


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