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Eryn Hall is a Jesus-loving wife and mom, sharing stories of hope and encouragement, and making the most of every day. Her writing/work has been featured in Craving Connection, and CSB (in)Courage Devotional Bible, as well as the Declare devotionals, Honey, This is Where you Start, and Heart of a Warrior, but finds the most joy in serving her family.  She is the founding Host of the Declare community and conference that equips Christian communicators globally.

What we chat about:

Marginalizing our impact

Realizing others are watching our daily discipline

The Declare community and conference

The surrendering and the filling up in Eryn’s life

Eryn’s childhood with divorced parents and the way God protected her heart at an early age

Even when Eryn didn’t know God, He knew her

The culture that surrounded and influenced Eryn to think that she needed to be an “ideal” woman

Counting calories, over-exercising, needing to see a certain number on the scale, and the restriction of specific foods

Full blown anorexia and body dysmorphia

Not wanting to taking up too much space in the world

Brokenness and healing

The picture that Eryn has as she looks back on an eating-disordered life

The freedom that she feels now that she is out of the prison

Mental muscle, habits, routines, and cleaning house

The transformation of the Holy Spirit that Eryn received without counseling

The guilt that Eryn feels when she goes back to the same behaviors

Thinking long-term about health and being available to other people

The fight that was almost harder than the disorder itself

Being able to see other people in the same prison that you were in

Intercedeing for others freedom, revelation, and healing

Beginning to see how God saw you

Being bound up by your own self-centered pain

The way that God interceded in Eryn’s life when she and her husband went to the doctor to discuss family planning

Feeling exposed and called out

The way that other people responded to her weight loss with praise

Dealing with body image issues daily and the denial of it

Deinal only serves as a setback that puts her back into the cycle of believing lies and lying to herself

Triggers, boundaries, and guarding your heart

Owning the struggle and staying there

Choosing a different legacy and overcoming, fighting for freedom

How Eryn is preparing herself for a Godly life

How Eryn’s stubborness has been channelled into fierce determination

Protecting peace in her family and in her home

Evaluating the parts of life that disturb the peace

How God can take things that weren’t favorable and allow them to be the new foundation for something good

Standing firm in the faith

What keeps Eryn in a good place mentally and spiritually

Prayer, cleaning out of triggers, and being intentional about friendships and who she engages with

How Eryn staffs her weaknesses and surrounds herself with healthy people

The difference between a flame fanners vs. a fire extinguisher

Not everyone is meant to be your friend.  You can love people well, and not be their friend

There is so much freedom when we trust God with our lives

Eryn’s word of encouragement for listeners

Tap into and pray for the fierce determination

There is freedom on the other side, and it is worth fighting for


Words that Eryn posted on social media @mamahall:

“i hear that a lot- that social media is a highlight reel, snapshots of our happiest, picture-perfect, and ideal moments. ⁣

well, this isn’t my highlight reel. ⁣

this is my B-roll. supplemental footage to help tell my story. ⁣

social media isn’t getting the highlights of my life. (or the low lights, either, for that matter) i’m not staging my life for likes. social media isn’t the space i go to to share the special or the sacred. it’s not the place for the picture perfect moments of my life. there are details undocumented. you don’t get to see the best parts of my days. #sorrynotsorry

my highlight reel is tucked deep in my heart. framed on the walls of my home. sent in text messages. told in stories across tables. shared in real time, face to face. it’ll be handed down to my children and grandchildren in tangible traditions and cherished memories. ⁣

this here is just the B-roll. because the hearts that matter most to me are the ones offline.”


“Fight the good fight of the faith. Take hold of the eternal life to which you were called when you made your good confession in the presence of many witnesses.”

1 Timothy [6:12] NIV


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