Heather MacFadyen From The Don’t Mom Alone Podcast – Moving Toward “Withness”  EP3

Heather MacFadyen is the founder of the Don’t Mom Alone podcast and the Not Alone Community. She supports and mentors a large community of women and moms, encouraging others to come out of isolation and move toward community. Heather is full of insight and uses real-life stories to convey deep truths about who God is and what He wants to do in our lives.


What we chat about:

The rebranding of her podcast and the creation of podcast clubs

The need for real life community and hugs

Pulling away from friends and staying behind closing doors because of fear of judgment and not having it all together

The promises of the Holy Spirit

Believing the truth of who God says you are

How God prepared her before the hard would come

Discipleship and the book “The Fogotten God” by Francis Chan

Studying about the work of the Holy Spirit

Believing a lie and the confession of that

A defining moment in Heather’s life that healed her from the inside out

How we do all the things to make things right with God

Organic food, home-ade clothes, homeschooling and a lovely home

Still…things deep in her soul that were blocking me from hearing who God said she is

The lies of weakness and fear that the enemy had placed on her

The freedom and release of those lies that came through prayer

Praying with women in her home and how that came back to bless her when she was needing support

How God healed many layers within Heather before her mother had breast cancer and her father died of cancer

Working through a 12-step recovery program

Dealing with beliefs, feelings, and thought patterns in a healthy way

Coping mechanisms that we use to deal with and process through emotions

Worry is when you believe that God is going to get it wrong and bitterness is when you believe God got it wrong

Bitterness in believing that God got it wrong with her father’s death

How the enemy tried to reinforce the lie that God got it wrong…again

Confessing and uprooting the anger that was tied to that lie

How the root of bitterness had rotted her health and her ability to feel like herself

Our tendency to think we know what is right for other people and how it disrupts our relationships

Releasing to others to make their own decisions

The grief process and the realization that someone is really gone

The roles that our dads had in our lives

Taking the pieces of our parents and moving beyond

Suggestions for people who try to isolate

Feel the feelings, recognize the predominant emotion, and meet with someone to talk through those feelings

Seek professional help…”There is no shame in that game”

Counselors can provide an outside perspective and see what relationships need healing or direction

Finding more information and studying more about the healing that God has promised through the power of the Holy Spirit

All truth is God’s truth so we don’t have to be afraid of doctors and psycologists.

Healing available if we simply bring things to God and confession is such a huge part of that

He just wants us to agree with Him about what is blocking us.

Ask God “Where did this start?  What did I start believing in that memory?”

Confessing that we have believed the lie that we are not safe and that we are responsible to protect myself from here on out

The enemy uses tradegy as an open door to bring in Satan’s lie that takes root.  We operate from it in how we interact in relationships.

Be committed to self-awareness, confession, and allow the Holy Spirit to be the transforming piece

Missionary training called Novo

Opening your eyes to see people like God sees them

If we are trapped in the junk that the enemy placed in our lives, we are not free to to do the things that God is calling us to do

Deal with the junk, clear the way, and do the work that God that God has called you to do

Believe that God still speaks today

Questions to ask to deciphering if it is the Holy Spirit…

Is it encouraging, is it comforting, is it strengthening, is it kind, is it tender?  Probably God.

Is it condemning and negative?  It is probably the enemy.

Trusting that the Holy Spirit is the go between to us to hear God’s heart for us

Fleeting thoughts in our mind that we line up with Scripture to determine if we are hearing from God

The encouragement of the personal words that were given to Heather and her friends when they committed their time to hearing from God

God is still speaking in our hearts and using people and using our voices

How Heather processes other people’s opinions and the sources that she is listening to

Letting close friends be the mirror and release others to have their own opinion

Waking up and going to God first and using that as the identifier

Story in Max Lucado’s book about the Wemmicks

The kindness of the gentleness of the maker

The word that God has given Heather for 2019

Stop trying and start trying. The One that made you has something that He wants you to walk into

Healing because of our belief and our ability to go to God and ask for Him to help us with our unbelief

God promises us that he will want through things with us with a healed heart or a healing heart

If you read through the gospels in the Bible, it is the same Jesus

Invite Jesus in and ask God to show you where He was when the hard things happened

He is always kind and gentle and present and He is available to us


Links mentioned:

Novo Ministries

Don’t Mom Alone Website

The Wonderful World of Wemmecks by Max Lucado

The Fogotten God by Francis Chan


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