Janelle Knox with MICI Magazine -Out of the Darkness EP2

Janelle Knox is the Founder of MICI Magazine and MICI girls. MICI Magazine, which stands for “Made In Christ’s Image”, is currently translated into two different languages and read by women and girls all over the globe. Janelle’s story has been featured on Family Life Today and Focus on the Family in Austrailia. In addition to publishing the beautiful table top magazine that comes out quarterly, MICI creates curriculum for women and girls that is geared to help others walk in their calling. Janelle also hosts her own radio show that is heard on select Christian radio stations in Australia and the United States. When Janelle is not working on MICI-related projects, she loves to spend time vegging out with her husband and her two children.

What we chat about:

Janelle’s early experiences in the Catholic Church

The discernment of evil and good

Anger, apathy, and the unraveling of her life

Crying out to God and receiving unlikely encounters with people in the bar

Making life decisions and coming home to the life she longed for

Finding your voice and keeping your voice

Our authority and our rights as Christians – Shalom

Being joined with Christ

Renewing our mind {see downloadable posters below}

Spiritual warfare and standing our ground through Scripture

The birth of MICI, the message of identity, and a message for a generation

Topics covered in MICI girls, affirming uniqueness and purpose in young girls

The attack of identity in our world

MICI and MICI girls subscription options at www.micimagazine.com

Curriculums designed to help women and girls understand our identity and purpose in Christ

What we learn from our children

Our roles in our children’s lives

The Ruah Retreat in Austrailia and the USA

The significance of the podcast launch day in Jenni’s life

Final encouragement from Janelle

The meaning of the word “hope”

How to leave a voice message for us

Subscribing to the show

Leaving a review on the show

Giveaway from Beneath The Fig Tree

Introduction of next week’s guest

YOUR voice and YOUR story are powerful


Links mentioned:

MICI Magazine

The Ruah Retreat

“In Christ we find who we are and what we are living for.” {Ephesians [1:11],12 MSG Translation}

“Hope does not disappoint us, because God has poured out His love into our hearts through the Holy Spirit, whom He has given us.” {Romans 5:5 NIV}


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