Jolene Underwood from A Cultivated Life – Unleashing Your Soul EP4

Jolene Underwood is a Christian writer, life breakthrough coach, emotional health warrior, and soul care mentor. She draws upon her personal journey towards emotional health, her psychology background, and passion for counseling to help others cultivate a life.
She has personally had experiences with disordered eating, self-harm, depression, and anxiety, but…she’s pursued healing with intention. And that is what she wants for others.  Her writing and encouragement has been featured on the High Calling, in(Courage),  iBelieve, GraceTable, and theWellStudio. In addition, Jolene leads a community of writers called Rise Up Writers. Rise Up Writer is designed to encourage and equip Christian communicators to rise up collectively in their unique spaces individually as they impact the world globally.  Her newest resource, Unleash : Heart and Soul Care Sheets, has helped hundreds of women, men, and teen girls experience greater freedom. It continues to be used by a wide number of individuals for emotional healing, spiritual growth, soul-level transformation.

What we chat about:

The physcial transformation that has resulted from the inner transformation in Jolene’s life

The definition of unleashing – to free from, to let loose, to set in motion

The opposite of unleashing – contstrain, control, hold, inhabit, restrain, smother, tame

When we hear from the holy spirit and later receive affirmations of those messages

The calling out of a new name by Jolene’s Pastor “brightness”

Encouragement for the person in the middle of a tough situation

Fostering children, PTSD, date rape, self-harm, depression, disordered eating, being a single mother

Pressing through without healing, giving up on faith, wanting to want to want God

A lack of tools and mentorship in Jolene’s early life

You didnt have it, now you are going to heal, and then you are going to provide healing and mentorship to others

Realizing how God had naturally wired Jolene and the strengthening of her core

Becomming who God has designed us to be

God has given us so much and He wants us to use what He has given us

Being responsible for the gifts that we have been given and calling them out in other people

Asking God to heal the places where we have been hurt in our early years

Jolene’s focus on being very skinny, what she could or couldn’t do, and how she looked

Accepting that depression has been a tendency in Jolene’s life

Internalizing the feedback that other people give you and using that as your standard

Not being able to recieve anything other what other people arevgiving you

Jolene did not to want to take up space in the world and did not feel that she deserved a place in the world

Jolene’s passion to see others rise up in the space that God has created for them

Taking steps in fear and the steps that Jolene takes to combat her fear

Warrior thinking – noticing the fear and moving forward regardless

Breaking the restraints and controls that the enemy has put on us

Passion to see people living healthy because it impacts their abilty to see God

Culture seems to want to see us stiffle our emotions, God wants us to express them so He can redeem them

There is hope…you can keep fighting

Living stuck is not what God intended

Practical steps to take when you are in the thick of difficult emotions

Grounding yourself, breathing techniques, helping your body physically calm down, allowing tears to come, and grieving your losses

Becomming more aware of our triggers, pausing and asking God what He is trying to communicate

Making space for the Spirit to move and listering to the conviction of the Holy Spirit, becomming aware of what is coming to the surface

Making space for safe people that we can be imperfect with

Asking the hard questions:  Do you see something in me that keeps me from being able to relate to others and relate to God?

It is easier to live on the surface rather than doing the hard work of healing

Unleash sheets as a tool for moving through your hurts

How to use the unleash sheets

Identifying the facts and the challenges, writing out honest words, identifying feelings, spending time in silence, being in God’s Word, acknowledging what God is stirring up, and recognizing thought and belief patterns

The expression of the voice is part of the healing

Feeling sorry for God and seeing God in a limited form

Seeing God in a different way and the visions that God gave Jolene that led to a breakthrough

EMDR therapy – activating the left and right side of brain with a therapist to release the trauma and emotions that are stuck

We are desinged uniquely so that we can see different parts of God

The way that God crafts His teaching to us individually

Having unmet expectations that lead us to be more dissatisfied with God

Tapping into resources and using tools as you seek healing

Jolene’s passion for A Cultivated Life and Rise Up Writers

Connecting with church leaders, coaches, and other lay people

A new online writers retreat called “Unleashing the Writer Within”

When hope has been deferred, it is challenging to realize where our hope comes from

God is always speaking to us and wanting to help us experience more peace, love, and joy

God is available to everyone in every situation


Words by Jenni Eastin

Why did I believe the lie

That I was not good enough

Or brave enough

That my voice did not mean enough


Why did I choose not to spit things out

To say things as they were for me

Why did I choose to open up my house

For the enemy and his lies to play in


There is no weaker place,

There is no smaller place

Than to live with words inside of you

That fear they cannot escape.


Now, I choose to speak up and cast out

Even if no one seems to care

To rattle the heavens and shake the world

Rather than hold onto my fear.


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  1. Jo Brown

    December 1, 2018 at 8:46 pm

    Wow!! I was so touched by your tender hearted words and authhencity. Thank you both for sharing this amazing message! May God continue to use you to bring renewed hope and healing through your ministry Jolene and Jenni. I would love to sit down with you and have a conversation. God bless you both for using your voices and telling your story!
    💞Jo Brown

    1. Jenni

      December 2, 2018 at 3:52 pm

      Thank you for listening, Jo. So glad that these words have reached you. You have been a sweet encouragement today. I will share your words with Jolene as well. Blessings!

  2. Liz

    December 3, 2018 at 7:13 pm

    I am enjoying each and every episode of Hope Has a Voice! I love listening to each story of how God has brought healing and hope in the lives of each person you have interviewed. I love the vulnerability of the guest as well as you the host!

    1. Jenni

      December 3, 2018 at 8:31 pm

      Thank you Liz! I can always count on you to support and pray. So glad you are enjoying the episodes. That is such an encouragment to me!

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