Wendy Speake – Connection to Sugar and Social Media – EP 13

Wendy Speake is a trained actress and heartfelt Bible teacher who ministers to hearts through storytelling and biblical life application. During her career in Hollywood, on shows such as JAG, Melrose Place, and Star Trek Voyager, Wendy found herself longing to tell stories that edify, encourage, and point audiences to Jesus Christ. Today she does just that: writing books, speaking to groups across the nation, and leading multiple online fasts and Bible studies each year. Author of The 40-Day Sugar Fast and coauthor of Triggers: Exchanging Parents’ Angry Reactions for Gentle Biblical Responses, Wendy hosts her annual 40-Day Sugar Fast every January. She lives in Escondido, California. Learn more at www.wendyspeake.com.

Quote from the book by Rebecca K. Reynolds

Sugar because I’m tired—
because there’s simply too much to do
and no way to do it.
Sugar because it’s fast—
and I need 30 more minutes
of strength.
Sugar because I’m lonely—
because something sweet
tastes like
human touch feels.
Sugar because it’s cheap—
one buck instead of five.
Sugar because I didn’t plan—
didn’t take time to prep
to stand against the current.
Sugar because I’m sad—
about so many things,
and for two seconds I can forget.
Sugar because I don’t want to move—
and sugar sits here with me.
Sugar because I’m scared—
of what might pull me
if I were fit.
Sugar because I’m so angry—
I don’t care what happens.
Sugar because I’m ashamed—
of how far I’ve let it go already.
Sugar because I’m addicted—
caught in a drunken cycle
of lows and highs.
Sugar because she loved by sugar—
when she wanted to give me comfort,
and I remember.
Sugar because I haven’t learned to value—
what is simple and beautiful.
Sugar because I don’t trust—
that manna will appear again in the morning.
Sugar because I don’t believe—
I will ever adjust.
Sugar because those first three days—
are war.
Sugar because tomorrow—
tomorrow I’ll start.
Sugar because I never can see—
that every single today
is the first day
of the rest of a better life.

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